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Make your apartment units gleam with a thorough clean

When you need a deep down clean for your apartment units, call M S Carpet Cleaning. We'll not only clean your carpets, we'll tackle the tough areas that bring down the look of your interiors. Call today for your FREE ESTIMATE.

Get a NO COST carpet cleaning demonstration

Call us today to schedule your FREE demonstration of how deeply we can clean your carpet. The state of your carpet can tell visitors everything they need to know about the cleanliness of your units. So make sure you leave a good impression with a clean carpet.

We tackle your toughest surfaces

Not only do we clean your carpets, we also clean your tile and grout and resurface your bathtubs, counter tops and cabinets. Your interiors will look as if they'd gotten a face lift and your space will feel like new. Call today to schedule your FREE ESTIMATE.

Keep your units showcase ready

  • Apartment Carpet Cleaning - 24-hour emergency water extraction, cleaning, spot and pet odor removal, repair, dyeing, and tub and counter top resurfacing
  • Cleaning Services - Carpet cleaning, tub and counter top resurfacing, air duct cleaning, and ozone air purification
  • Air Duct Cleaning - Remove dust, dust mites and pollen, lower your energy costs, can alleviate allergy and sinus problems


Call M S Carpet Cleaning today at 813-968-7853 to schedule your FREE demonstration of our carpet cleaning service or to schedule 24-hour emergency water extraction.

Carpet Cleaners - M S Carpet Cleaning - Tampa, FL
Tampa, FL - M S Carpet Cleaning - Carpet Cleaners

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